Question-C# Requester class not

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Question-C# Requester class not

I tried to test very simple requester-reply communication model of Connext 5.2 Professional using Visual Studio 2010 in x86win32 env.

With following simple idl,

struct Request { short request_service;};

struct Reply{short reply_service;};

in generated C# example code, I wrote following,

Requester<Request, Reply> requester;

under participant creation code in publisher.cs.

However, in Visual studio development environment, it shows "Requester" is not defined. (can't find type or namespace)

With my environment, all of traditional pub-sub model is working well.

I just start to test request-reply mechanism, please let me have answer.


from Chumsu. South Korea




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The "undefined Requester" happens because you need to also include the DLL rticonnextmsgdotnet45.dll as a reference into your VisualStudio project. This library is under the "lib" directory in your RTI Connext installation. For example in my system is at:   C:\Program Files\rti_connext_dds-5.2.0\lib\i86Win32VS2012\rticonnextmsgdotnet45.dll

To add the library as a reference in VisualStudio you need to use the SolutionExplorer. Under each Project you will see an entry called "References". Right-click on it to get a pull-up menu and select "Add reference..."  (see figure below).

This will popup the "reference Manager" window. At the bottom you will see the "Browse..." button. Select that, find the rticonnextmsgdotnet45.dll library in your RTI Connext installation and add it. See below:

You will need to repeat this process for all the projects, that is both the one that you use for the Requester and the one you use for the Replier...


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Hi, Gerado.

As you recommended I put rticonextmsgdotnet40d.dll into reference, and add code "using RTI.Connext.RequestReply using RTI.Connext.Infrastructure".

However, when I compile with code "Requester<.., ..> ...", compiler gives several errors(9 errors).


You can see these error list in attached image.

Sorry for Korean language output.

If it is possible, can I get some example project which works well with Request/Reply and Pub/Sub mechanism.



Chumsu. [email protected]

South Korea.

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I want to test client/server type comm. in DDS.


Please anyone let me know the way to buil application.