RTI communite in VMware

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RTI communite in VMware

I used a old windows version RTI,it can communicate between windows machines;Recently,i down the 5.1.0 linux version,

and it can works in the VMware-linux os,it also can communicate between the different Vmware-linux mechines,but it can not

communicate with the windows os which used the old version.Is it the version cause this?or is any option to be setted  for different


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You don't say what the old version number was. 

You also don't say if the old and new versions are running on the same Windows node. 

Both of those are important points of data, and are required to be able to give you a firm answer.  There was a change a couple revisions back in how SHMEM transport is handled, if the old version in use predates that change, and both old and new are running on the same machine, you will see an error message on the console. 

If this is the case, turn off the shmem transport and enable the UDPv4 loopback.  Search for "shmem loopback" using the search field above, and read through the links provided.