RTI ME Shared Memory Example [Solved]

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RTI ME Shared Memory Example [Solved]


I didn't find clearly how to use DDS with shared memory.
I set in source code:

*DDS_StringSeq_get_reference(&dp_qos.transports.enabled_transports,0) = DDS_String_dup("_intra");

My logs:
[1382950858.880658998] TID[1300][BIND]: ADDDED 1/_intra/0/0/0
[1382950858.882659998] TID[1300][BIND]: ADDDED 2/_intra/0/0/0
[1382950858.884659998] TID[1300][ROUTE] Added interface kind=4,port=0,address=,mask=,intf=008100D8
[1382950858.905666998] TID[1300]enable participant id 449

[1382950861.428422999] TID[10260][BIND]: ADDDED 1/_intra/0/0/0
[1382950861.429422999] TID[10260][BIND]: ADDDED 2/_intra/0/0/0
[1382950861.429422999] TID[10260][ROUTE] Added interface kind=4,port=0,address=,mask=,intf=01F000D0
[1382950861.443427999] TID[10260]enable participant id 449

And here no discovery between entites.
Is it because they have the same entity_id ?
They do no have the same participant id (set manually), so this one i do not know how to change it.



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Hello Rodolf, 

We do not support shared memory in RTI Connext Micro – what you are enabling is the intra-Participant transport that will copy data from a DataWriter to a DataReader within a single DomainParticipant.  Since you say you have two Participant IDs, it sounds like you have two DomainParticipants, which requires that you use UDP.

Thank you!


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Ok thanks