rtiddsgen c#

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rtiddsgen c#

I have several idl files.

One of them includes only enum definitions. The other idl files includes this one.

The generation of the files works fine, all the structs are created, including data readers and wirters and the C++ dll compiles...but

I have a C# project that references the c++ project, the problem is that only the types that the project recognizes are the types defined at the EnumTypes.idl.

I had a look at the ildasm, and I don;t see the other structs either. All the references are right, so I cannot see what is the problem.




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Hi Berta,

Just a safety check, you didn't have any top-level = false directives in your IDLs defining the other types, did you? (recall, the top-level directive is documented in section of the RTI Core Libraries and Utilities, version 5.1.0).

Anyhow, maybe if you provided your types or a subset of them that reproduce the error, we could take a look. Also, what version of the product are you working with?