Running application as sudo

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Running application as sudo


I'm trying to run my application with RT priority. This requesres a sudo permission. However, the RTI DDS keeps complaining that it can't find the licence. But the process runs fine when I run is myself.

RTI Data Distribution Service No source for License information
Please contact with any questions or comments.
DDSDomainParticipant_impl::create_disabledI:!create participant
DDSDomainParticipant_impl::createI:!create participant
DomainParticipantFactory_impl::create_participant():!create failure creating participant
Unable to create domain participant.
Cannot initialize Actuators Proxy, exiting...

Is the license file only installed for one user on a system? Should its permissions be set in a different way?

Thank you.



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Hi Ilya,

There are different ways in which you can indicate RTI Connext DDS the path to your license file. These are fully documented here.

If you are using the RTI_LICENSE_FILE environment variable, when you run the application with sudo, the new environment may not be inheriting your previous environment and therefore RTI Connext DDS may not be able to access the value of RTI_LICENSE_FILE. Is that your case?

Could you setting the dds.license.license_string or dds.license.license_file properties? I think that might be more suitable for your deployment scenario.