Shapes demo won't run

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Shapes demo won't run

I'm trying to compare shape demos between RTI Connext and eProsima Fast DDS to see if they're DDS implimentations are compatible.

I'm having issues getting the RTI shapes demo to launch.

I installed the RTI Connext launcher, went to the "Learn" tab, clicked on "Shapes Demo", and nothing happens.

How am I suppose to run the shapes demo?

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Did you install the license file that was sent to your email?


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Another possibility that I've seen happen when running on a very-new install of Windows 10:
the standalone (separate download) Shapes Demo will run just fine, but the one that's bundled with Connext Pro won't.

This can be caused (on Windows) by not having a matching version of the VS redistributable libraries included by default with the Windows installation; on very new Win10 installations, the VS2010 libs might not be included, but these libs are included with the standalone shapes demo download.   The VS2010 redistributable libs can be installed from Microsoft's website, this will enable the bundled-with-pro Shapes Demo to run (if this is in fact the cause of the problem).

if this doesn't fix the trouble, could you reply with the results of trying to run 'rtishapesdemo' from the command line?
(tip: first run the 'rtisetenv_*" batch or script file to set up the environment for RTI, this file is located in <rti_install_dir>/resource/scripts)