Spreadsheet Add-in and VBA

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Spreadsheet Add-in and VBA

   In working with the Spreadsheet Add-in, I wanted to be able to capture a historical listing of data received during my application testing.   I would just like to setup filters for various topics and as payloads are received have it fill down the spreadsheet with data updates. 

    Unfortunately the way the Add-in works you have to subscribe to the updates are isolated to a specific cell which subscribes to it by formula

   I checked into the VBA capability to see if there is a way to retrieve data real time using a formula to pull topics, however, the only thing the VBA does is give you functions to start monitoring and do manual updates to a worksheet.  Is there nothing that will allow me to pull data real time and capture the historical set?   (note I did see the history option capability, but it is only gives you last 4 per topic, I want the whole run)



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You can configure an arbitrarily deep history. To do that you need to modify the Qos configuration that the Spreadsheet add-in loads. By default it is 4 and that's why you cannot set it higher.

To configure a larger history depth, do the following.

  • Go to RTI Config and click on Open Qos file--this will open your default XML editor
  • Look for the following XML code
 <qos_profile name="DefaultProfile">
  • In <depth>, set a value larger than 4.
  • Click on Start RTI Service
  • Now, when you go to RTI Monitor Topic, you will be able to set a history depth up to the value you just configured.

Let me know if this works for you.