std::vector vs rti::vector and variable assignment

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std::vector vs rti::vector and variable assignment


Why does rti::vectory only support a tiny subset of std::vector? Is there a smart workaround it?

And why can I not write SomeType.Member() = SomeStuff;? Is there a workaround for that?

This is something OpenSplice does better. :)

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Hi Andreas,

Some design restrictions made us choose a custom vector implementation to retain control over the memory layout of the IDL types. It does offer basic functionality compared to the std::vector, but you can easily convert from one to the other if you need to perform complicated operations or just use its iterators to call STL algorithms.

As far as the second comment, can you copy here the type you're having problems with? The syntax you're describing should work for all types except primitives, where you should use a setter.