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String length


I'm currently trying to read DDS data with RTI 6 from a writer on RTI 4.5f

The writer has a topic with strings of 128, on my side I set the same strings to 128 but when I try to read all I have is sample lost by writer.
The only way I can read the data is by setting my strings to unbound but the they use 2 GB of memory because of RTI_INT32_MAX.
The other way of reading the data is by changing the strings to floats on my side but then all the data gets mixed up so it's no good.

Thank you in advance

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What is the IDL definition of the datatype that you are using in 4.5f?  In 6.x?

What programming languages are you using? 

If you run Admin Console, what does it show the data type to be for the DataWriter?  For the DataReader?

Not sure what you mean by changing "strings to floats"...this should make the data type incompatible between the DataWriter and DataReader?  How are you able to receive data with mismatched datatypes...that's something that Connext DDS is supposed to prevent from happening.