string max length

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string max length

In the GettingStartedGuide, it is mentioned that if the forceUnboundedString flag is set to true, the maximum length of the string that can be sent is 2,147,483,647. However, in my actual testing, I found that the maximum size of the string that can be sent is about 65,000 bytes, and subscribers will not receive data if it exceeds this size. Why?


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Hi yugonghui,

This can be a resource limit configuration or a network issue. What QoS are you using? Can you try suing the builtin profile "BuiltinQosLibExp::Generic.Participant.LargeData"? Please have a look at this post. And also the Chapter 20 "Sample and Instance Memory Management" of the Connext DDS User's manual.

The other possibility is a network issue. The UDP limit is 64K. It might be happening something with the packet fragmentation.

Do you see something in the Administration Panel if you enable the core notifications in the writer and reader sides?