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Subscribe two publishers

I encountered a problem on subscriber.The host running dds application has two NICs.The applicaion created one Domain and two publishers.Each publisher was configured to use one NIC seperately and each NIC belonged to different subsets.How to create a subscriber subscribing both data from the publishers? The subsciber should run on another host.

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By default discovery occurs on a multicast address which is just within the subnet. To communicate across subnet you need to specify the IP addresses of the endpoints. You can do this by specifying a peer list. There are multiple ways to specify a peer list (file, environment variable, in the QoS file). See section 14.2 Configuring the peer list used in discovery in the user manual ( ). In your case I would create a peer list (e.g. NDDS_DISCOVERY_PEERS file) for each participant. Since your applications run on different machines I would list the multicast address ( and the address of the remote endpoints your application needs to communicate with.