Unbounded sequences

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Unbounded sequences

Hello all,

I compiled our code with the unbounded option set in rtiddsgen2. But all applications crash now with:

REDAFastBufferPool_growEmptyPoolEA: !allocate buffer of 68719444224 bytes REDAFastBufferPool_newWithNotification:!create fast buffer pool buffers PRESTypePluginDefaultEndpointData_createWriterPool:!create writer buffer pool WriterHistorySessionManager_new:!create newAllocator WriterHistoryMemoryPlugin_createHistory:!create sessionManager PRESWriterHistoryDriver_new:!create _whHnd PRESPsService_enableLocalEndpointWithCursor:!create WriterHistoryDriver PRESPsService_enableLocalEndpoint:!enable local endpoint terminate called after throwing an instance of 'dds::core::Error'   what():    REDAFastBufferPool_newWithNotification:!create fast buffer pool buffers   PRESTypePluginDefaultEndpointData_createWriterPool:!create writer buffer pool    WriterHistorySessionManager_new:!create newAllocator     WriterHistoryMemoryPlugin_createHistory:!create sessionManager      PRESWriterHistoryDriver_new:!create _whHnd       PRESPsService_enableLocalEndpointWithCursor:!create WriterHistoryDriver        PRESPsService_enableLocalEndpoint:!enable local endpoint enable entity 

Basically, it tries to allocate 68 GB of RAM. Is there a manual on how to use and configure unbounded sequences properly?
Edit: I found this in the manual
But how do I set this parameters exactly and what are sensible values?
Best regards,


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Ok, I fixed the issue by loading the attached qos profile.

But now I want to set the default QOS to this loaded QOS, but I am unable to do it. The question condenses to how can I set the default QOS from a QOS provider generated by loading an xml file? 

This works:

dds::core::QosProvider qos_provider("build64/MT_RTI_QOS_PROFILES.xml","mt_profiles::unbounded_support");

dds::domain::DomainParticipant dp(1, qos_provider.participant_qos());

dds::topic::Topic<mt::Object> topic(dp,"topic", qos_provider.topic_qos());

This doesn't work!

auto qos_provider_params = qos_provider->default_provider_params();


dds::domain::DomainParticipant dp(1);

dds::topic::Topic<mt::Object> topic(dp,"topic");


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Can you try changing 

auto qos_provider_params = qos_provider->default_provider_params();


auto qos_provider_params = qos_provider->provider_params(); ?

default_provider_params() is a static function that gives you access to the params of the Default QosProvider. So what you are doing is getting and setting the same values for the Default QosProvider. provider_params() on the other hand will get the params that you created qos_provider with, so that you can set them on the Default.