undefined reference link errors for standard TypeSupport methods

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undefined reference link errors for standard TypeSupport methods


I'm new to rtiddsgen and am trying to generate and compile code from existing idl using the following commands:

 rtiddsgen -language C++ -namespace -example x64Linux3gcc4.8.2 -replace ./<name>.idl
and then gmake -f ./make/Makefile.x64Linux3gcc4.8.2

Try as I may, I am unable to overcome the following link errors:

objs/x64Linux3gcc4.8.2/wsn_publisher.o: In function `publisher_main':
xxx_publisher.cxx:(.text+0x11a): undefined reference to `aaa::bbb::ccc::Yyy_TTypeSupport::get_type_name()'
xxx_publisher.cxx:(.text+0x128): undefined reference to `aaa::bbb::ccc::Yyy_TTypeSupport::register_type(DDSDomainParticipant*, char const*)'
xxx_publisher.cxx:(.text+0x18f): undefined reference to `aaa::bbb::ccc::Yyy_TDataWriter::narrow(DDSDataWriter*)'
xxx_publisher.cxx:(.text+0x1a5): undefined reference to `aaa::bbb::ccc::Yyy_TTypeSupport::create_data(DDS_TypeAllocationParams_t const&)'
xxx_publisher.cxx:(.text+0x220): undefined reference to `aaa::bbb::ccc::Yyy_TTypeSupport::delete_data(aaa::bbb::xxx::Yyy_T*, DDS_TypeDeallocationParams_t const&)'

I notice that in Java, explicit "TypeSupport" files are generated, but they don't seem to be in C++.

Any help/hints/direction would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Chuck,

I hope you have answered this by now. Have you configured your LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the lib subfolder under RTI Connext installation folder? You have more information in the README files of our examples.