Using LabVIEW with OpenCV DLL & C DLL

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Using LabVIEW with OpenCV DLL & C DLL

I have developed C++ DLL by using the C wrapper that is used for various languages. At present, I can use in Python & C#. I have to find the way to read it in same in LabVIEW.

I use visual studio have installed OpenCV on c:\ added include directory and the .lib files for my project,  & I have created a variable in my DLL and I use that during #include <opencv2/core/core.hpp>.

The problem is when I create a node "Call Function", after setting outputs/inputs there the problem arises LabVIEW can't find the DLL associated with OpenCV




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HI isabejason

I don't understand your issue. Is your issue related with the DDS Toolkit or any DDS functionality? How is the Toolkit involved? Could you please be more elaborate?