Welcome to the RTI+LabVIEW forum!

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Welcome to the RTI+LabVIEW forum!

Have you ever useCompatible with LabVIEWd LabVIEW and found it difficult to communicate to several VIs? Have you ever struggled to create sockets that communicate to just a couple of VIs? Have you ever wished that there was an easy way to integrate your VI with an exisiting C/C++/Java/... application? Have you ever imagined how cool it would be to control your VI from your smartphone?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this is your place! RTI DDS Toolkit for LabVIEW will allow you to do all that and more.

Use this forum to post your questions, doubts and suggestions and get help from our community. Visit also the Knowledge Base for solutions to some of the most common problems.

If you haven't downloaded it yet, get your RTI DDS Toolkit for LabVIEW from NI's Tools Network or by using the VI Package Manager. And don't miss our cool demo using the Lego Mindstorms!

If you have a current support contract and need immediate help, please contact our support team at support@rti.com

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Great, we are using labview to do the data close loop