Whether RTI DDS Toolkit supports flexRIO 793X

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Whether RTI DDS Toolkit supports flexRIO 793X

I read the RTI DDS Toolkit support

So when I try to install RTI DDS toolkit on RT target cRIO 9034, it works fine.

But when I turn to install RTI DDS toolkit on RT target flexRIO 7935R , I can't find RTI DDS toolkit in the list of adding software through MAX.

But the MAX shows flexRIO 7935R's architecture is ARMv7

I want to know whether RTI DDS Toolkit supports  flexRIO 793X

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We provide official support for the RTI DDS Toolkit for LabVIEW with CompactRIO boards, as they are the most common targets among Toolkit users.  And by default, we only install the Toolkit on CompactRIO boards.  While we can't test the Toolkit with every CompactRIO variant, the we believe that the boards we test (as described in the release notes) sufficiently represent CompactRIOs with ARMv7 and Intel64 architectures.
Now, on to your question...there is a strong chance that the Toolkit can be used with the FlexRIO board that you're using.  Basically what you need to do is to manually add a new CDF file that identifies the FlexRIO target to the Toolkit installer. This file is placed in the LabVIEW installation directory:


C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\RT Images\RTI DDS Toolkit\<Toolkit verion>

We're currently clarifying whether we can post the details of this CDF file publically--stay tuned.  In the meantime, feel free to submit a request to RTI Support, and we can provide the CDF file directly.
- Lee