whitch processor, process a subscribed data

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whitch processor, process a subscribed data

I have a question...
when a topic data cash via a subscriber, is it process in the subscriber location?
like a sensor processor?

thanks alot

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I don't understand what you are asking.

Specifically, the word "cash" in your post does not make sense in this context. 

Please restate your question.

Each subscriber* application has at least one DataReader on a Topic that it is interested in.  Each subscribing application will process the incoming data.  If the application has multple DataReaders on a Topic, then it will process the incoming data once per DataReader.

* Note the semantic difference between "subscriber" and "Subscriber": A "Subscriber" is a DDS entity.  A "subscriber" is used in the general sense, to indicate an application that listens to a Topic.  I point this out because you aren't using capital letters, so I can't be sure which you mean, a Subscriber or a subscriber.