WriterQOSProperty - enable_filter_optimization

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WriterQOSProperty - enable_filter_optimization


I came across the dds.data_writer.enable_filter_optimization property in the DW QOS and I don’t fully understand its effect / use (didn’t find any documentation for that also).

I’ll appreciate your input on that.


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Hi GS,

The QoS property dds.data_writer.enable_filter_optimization is related to ContentFilteredTopics. ContentFilteredTopics are described in section 5.4 "ContentFilteredTopics" of User's Manual:


The property is set to true by default. Set this property to false does not disable the writer side filtering or any writer side filtering optimizations done for key only filters. This will only disable the use of newly added writer side filtering APIs. Our built-in SQL filter takes advantage of these APIs only for Request-Reply. So disabling these will not have any impact to performance if not using Request-Reply.

I hope this helps.