This generally refers to a lower-layer mechanism for transmitting data. Typically a transport is a type of network communication layer that RTI Connext DDS sends data on top of, but this could also be shared memory or another type of bus.  

Transport Layers

Transports may also be stackable - so a transport may not be directly sending data, but may be providing value such as encrypting or compressing data, and relying on another transport below to actually send the data.

The default transports enabled are:

  • Shared memory
  • UDPv4
  • UDPv6

Additional transports can be enabled for additional communication requirements, such as TCP, low-bandwidth, or encrypted communication.




This page states that there are three default transports enabled, yet states "By default, only the UDPv4 and shared memory plugins are enabled"

So the difference in the two pages is UDPv6.



  1. Which is correct?
  2. I'm letting you know so they can be made consistent.

Thank you,


Perry King