The glossary includes definitions for terms which are commonly used here, and that are part of the DDS and RTI lexicon.

Discovery is the process by which a DomainParticipant learns about other DomainParticipants, DataWriters, and DataReaders within the same domain. The discovery process includes: Detection of new entities in the domain Detection that entities have shut down cleanly Detection that entities have timed
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Represents a global data space. It is a logical scope (or "address space") for Topic and Type definitions. Each Domain is uniquely identified by an integer domain ID . Domains are completely independent from each other. For two DDS applications to communicate with each other they must join the same
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A DomainParticipant is the DDS Entity used by an application to join a DDS Domain . It is the first DDS Entity created by an application and serves as a factory for other DDS Entities . A DomainParticipant can join a single DDS Domain . If an application wants to join multiple DDS domains, then it
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Entity is a general term for a DomainParticipant, Publisher, Subscriber, DataWriter, DataReader or Topic. Entity is an interface defined in the OMG DDS specification, with the following characteristics: Configured using a QosPolicy Accepting a Listener Accepting a StatusCondition This is the base
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A DDS Flow Controller is an object that allows the application to shape the network traffic created by one or more DataWriters . Applications install Flow Controller objects on the DomainParticipant . Each Flow Controller is independent of the other and regulates the traffic of all the DDS
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An instance is a unique element within a Topic, described by unique values of key fields . Instances represent individual real-world objects within a single data stream. For example, you can represent individual radar tracks within a single "TrackData" topic, or individual components of a wind
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