RTI Support Portal: Creating or changing your password

This article describes th prices of registering with the RTI Support portal as well as the step to update an existing account.

When you receive an account on the RTI Support Portal, you are supplied an assigned username, in the following format: <username>@rticustomerportal.com. The "@rticustomerportal.com" portion is actually optional.

Using the assigned username, you can either create your initial password or change an existing one.

To log into the Support Portal, use https://support.rti.com/.

To create an initial password or change an existing one, follow the steps below, starting with (1).   

(2) Enter your username (i.e., <username>@rticustomerportal.com) and (3) click Send Password Reset Email.

If you do not know your username, enter your actual email address (not <username>@rticustomerportal.com) in the "Recover Username" section.