Installing SimVentions InformeDDS

The RTI Launcher part of RTI Connext 5.2.0 and 5.2.3 includes a third party tab. The third party tab is available on select platforms only. If the third party tools are not supported on your platform, you will not see the third party tab. 

The third party tab references the InformeDDS tool. InformeDDS is a tool created by SimVentions, to better understand your system. InformeDDS is not distributed by RTI. Launcher, however, did allow you to automatically download and install InformeDDS. Due to change in the RTI web server in the fall of 2016, you are no longer able to automatically download and install this third party software. You will see the following error:

Download Error Message 

When you encounter this error, you can still download the software and manually install the software using the RTI package manager within Launcher.


More info see also: RTI Partner - SimVentions