What information should I include when opening a support case?

RTI Support always attempts to reproduce issues reported in a support case. The faster RTI can reproduce the issue you’re reporting, the faster we will be able to help resolve it.

To expedite RTI’s ability to reproduce the issue you’re reporting, please consider including the following information when you open an RTI support case:

  • If possible, please include a Minimal, Reproducible Example demonstrating the issue at hand, attached as a zip file.
    • We recognize that this is not always possible to include, especially for rare or inconsistent problems. If a Minimal, Reproducible Example is not possible, please consider sending other items from this list to help kickstart the investigation.
  • Version number(s) of Connext involved, including the patch version(s) if relevant
  • Full error logs, if relevant
  • QoS settings for your applications. (Attaching your QoS configuration file, if you are using one, can be the simplest method of providing this information.)
    • If the QoS file contains multiple qos_profile elements, please specify the name(s) of the QoS profiles being used
  • IDL or XML type definitions involved, if relevant
  • Connext API being used (Traditional C++, Modern C++, Java, C#, Python, C, etc.)
  • Platform details (OS version, number of hosts and processes)
  • RTI Architectures involved (e.g. x64Linux4gcc7.3.0, x64Win64VS2017, etc.)
  • Any other special circumstances or configuration that you feel bears upon the problems you are experiencing.

For RTI Tools related cases, also provide:

  • XML configuration file for the tool