Why can't I login to RTI's Self Service Portal from my browser?

To use the RTI Support Portal, your web browser must accept third-party cookies. For example, you may see the following error message immediately after logging in.

You are no longer logged in. Your session may have timed out.

Please login again to continue.

Verify that your browser is set to accept cookies, including third-party cookies.

  • If you are using IE, see Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Advanced
  • In Firefox, make sure the setting for  network.cookie.cookieBehavior is 0. If this parameter is set to "1" or "2," you may not be able to login to the support portal. The default is "0." To check this setting, type "about:config" in the address bar and search for cookie (see http://kb.mozillazine.org/Network.cookie.cookieBehavior).
  • Safari, see Preferences -> Privacy. Set Block cookies to Never

For Advanced Users

The support portal is a multi-site integration of RTI web pages and our case-tracking software. Your browser must accept cookies from:

  • support.rti.com
  • salesforce.com
  • na2.salesforce.com

Login to support portal

Changing your password

To change your password, please follow the procedure for forgotten passwords. Have your user name handy and click, "Forgot your password?"

Passwords should not contain special escape characters. Such characters include quotation marks and backslashes. You will not see an error message if you use these characters. If you you cannot login after changing your password, please restart the "Forgot your password?" sequence, and make sure to not use any special characters.

More Questions?

Email support@rti.com