DDS (Data Distribution Service) is a specification for publish-subscribe data-distribution systems. The purpose of the specification is to provide a common application-level interface that clearly defines the data distribution service. The specification describes the service using UML, thus providing a platform-independent model that can then be mapped into a variety of concrete platforms and programming languages.

The Object Management Group (OMG) DDS attempts to unify the common practice of several existing implementations enumerating and providing formal definitions for the QoS (Quality of Service) settings that can be used to configure the service.

RTI's DDS Implementation

RTI's Connext DDS includes the world's leading implementation of the OMG DDS. DDS is the only open standard for messaging that supports the unique needs of both enterprise and real-time systems. Its open interfaces and advanced integration capabilities slash costs across a system’s lifecycle, from initial development and integration through on-going maintenance and upgrades.

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