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DynamicData with a custom transport

We have a need to use DynamicData with a custom transport using the modern C++ API.
I was able to generate and run the custom FILE transport example for C++11 but that uses an IDL defined data type, CustomTransport.

I have a HelloWorld publisher and subscriber that use DynamicData that I was hoping to get working with the custom FILE transport instead of the built-ins transports.
I was hoping I might be able to simply use the custom_transportPlugin.cxx and hpp files generated by the custom transport example and change "CustomTransport" to "dds::core::xtypes::DynamicData".

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Custom Transport Protocols


I am working with the custom transport protocol example code.   I'm able to compile the FileTransfer.c and .h files without issue, as well as compile the source code generated by rtiddsgen on the example .idl file.  I have verified that the ndds libraries are in my load library path.  Yet, when i attempt to execute the compiled example, i receive an error stating it was unable to find the file.  What am I missing?

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