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Portable interfaces to standard DDS - enum values

When creating an interface (IDL) for RTI Connext - I can create an enumeration with constant values. To interface to users using openDDS this doesn't work - enums can't have values. Is there a recommended design idea to create an interface where I can use these constant values? It seems like if I want to use an enum portably then I need to carry an additional header with constants to map the enums to the values I want.


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Create type code from serialized type object bytes in C#

Using the C# API, I would like to create type code from the serialized type object blob stored in the SQLite file created by the RTI logger. I already do this in C++ using the following method but I have been unable to find the equivalent in C#. I am using DDS 5.3.1. Thank you.

RtiTypeCode CreateTypeCode(const char* data_in, size_t len, DDS_TypeObjectFactory* factory)

 if (len == 0) { return nullptr; }

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RTI Recording Service

Use Case : We do have a use case of continuous recording streaming data for many months. RTI recording service allows us to store that in one file. We are facing following problems in using RTI routing service.
1.we have recorded file of one month.start_time tag in the xml is in sec/nano sec. Suppose we want to start replay data from fifth i need to calculate secs for five days? or there are others methods to do it.

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