PlotJuggler RTI Edition


Release 3.3.0

Release Notes

This is the first release of PlotJuggler RTI Edition. This release is experimental and you can provide feedback in the RTI Community Forum. See the release notes or the on-line the manual more details.

This release was built with Connext DDS 6.1.0, PlotJuggler 3.3.0, and RTI Plugin 1.0.1

Download Links

PlotJuggler RTI Edition packages for the following OS are available here:

The PlotJuggler RTI Edition packages contain the following software:

  • PlotJuggler 3.3.0: license LGPL 3.0
  • Qt 5 libraries: license LGPL 3.0
  • RTI plugin for PlotJuggler: see below for license details
  • Connext DDS Pro distribution: see below for license details

By downloading any of the PlotJuggler RTI Edition packages to your computer, you are accepting and agreeing to the terms of the license agreement below.

RTI Plugin License for PlotJuggler RTI Edition

RTI grants Licensee a license to use the RTI PlotJuggler Plugin (“Software”) contained in PlotJuggler RTI Edition solely in combination with RTI Connext DDS. Licensee may redistribute copies of the Software provided that all such copies are subject to this License. Licensee will not modify, reverse engineer, decompile, create other works from, or disassemble the Software.  The Software is provided "as is", with no warranty of any type, including any warranty for fitness for any purpose. RTI is under no obligation to maintain or support the Software. RTI shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use the Software. The Software contains RTI Connext DDS libraries. This license does not provide additional rights to use the RTI Connext DDS libraries with any linked or loaded application(s) other than the Software.


PlotJuggler RTI Edition is distributed as an “RTI Package” (*.rtipkg) file that must be installed on top of your host bundle. After you install the host bundle, you will have a script called bin/rtipkginstall[.bat]. You can use this script to install one or more RTI packages. Or you can use RTI Launcher to install the RTI packages:



PlotJuggler is an open source tool that allows you to visualize Times Series of real-time streaming data.

PlotJuggler RTI Edition enhances PlotJuggler with a Connext DDS plugin allowing PlotJuggler to join the DDS databus (identified by a domainId and domainTag), discover DDS Topics (including their associated data types), and directly plot DDS data.

For more information please refer to the on-line documentation.