14.8.2. What’s Fixed in 7.2.0

[Critical]: System-stopping issue, such as a crash or data loss.
[Major]: Significant issue with no easy workaround.
[Minor]: Issue that usually has a workaround.
[Trivial]: Small issue, such as a typo in a log. [Critical] Possible race condition when propagating content filters

When several applications using different content filters were started simultaneously and discovered by one or more instances of Routing Service, it was possible that filter propagation did not propagate all filters properly upon route startup, resulting in an inconsistent state that may have led to data loss. This issue has been resolved.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-1055] [Major] Entity Listener API sometimes fired the STARTED event twice

There was a race condition in the Routing Service Entity Listener API where, in certain conditions, a STARTED event may have been fired twice for the same Topic Route. This issue has been resolved.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-892] [Major] Overflows caused issues in period calculations

Routing Service had issues calculating period metrics due to overflows. This issue is resolved; in ServiceCommon.idl, the StatisticMetrics field’s period_ms value was changed to uint64.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-1068]