14.9. Known Issues


For an updated list of critical known issues, see the Critical Issues List on the RTI Customer Portal at https://support.rti.com/.

14.9.1. Attempting to route builtin Security Logging topic causes Routing Service crash

Routing the Security Logging builtin topic (DDS:Security:LogTopic) causes a crash if any of the participants involved in the route have security logging enabled (i.e., the property com.rti.serv.secure.logging.distribute.enabled is set to true).

Note that you can enable security logging on participants that talk to Routing Service and even route the Security Logging builtin topic that they use. This problem occurs only if the Routing Service participant itself has security logging enabled.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-727]

14.9.2. Some tags in the XML configuration must be grouped in a strict order

The XML validator tools Routing Service uses to validate XML configuration files adhere to the XML 1.0 specification, which doesn’t offer a way of defining collections of unordered tags that are both bounded and unbounded in occurrences.

This limitation is no longer present in XML 1.1. However, there are no C or C++ validators compliant with the XML 1.1 specification at the time of writing.

[RTI Issue ID CORE-14178]

14.9.3. Routing Service Adapters built using Java fail on Windows machines when using OpenJDK

A Routing Service configuration that loads Adapters built using Java, fails on Windows machines when using OpenJDK as the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). As a workaround, install the latest Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2015.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-1183]