14.8.6. What’s Fixed in 7.0.0

[Critical]: System-stopping issue, such as a crash or data loss.
[Major]: Significant issue with no easy workaround.
[Minor]: Issue that usually has a workaround.
[Trivial]: Small issue, such as a typo in a log. [Critical] Routing Service stream query propagation did not work when using more than one session

When propagating stream query result samples, Routing Service may have sent corrupted data if the configuration used more than one session and both sessions were writing stream query samples at the same time. This issue has been resolved.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-997] [Major] Samples published out of order from the same virtual GUID were dropped

If Routing Service received samples for a given virtual GUID with sequence numbers out of order, it dropped samples with sequence numbers lower than the highest received sequence number. This issue has been resolved.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-928] [Minor] Schema files not compliant with DDS-XML specification

The schema file rti_service_common_definitions.xsd, and its included files, have been changed as follows to make them compliant with the DDS-XML specification (https://www.omg.org/spec/DDS-XML/1.0/PDF):

  • <participant_qos> has been renamed to <domain_participant_qos>.

The old tag is still accepted by the Connext XML parser and the XSD schema to maintain backward compatibility.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-814] [Trivial] Fourth digit of product version not logged by Routing Service at startup

The Routing Service executable did not log the fourth digit (revision) of the product version when the service started. This problem has been resolved.

[RTI Issue ID ROUTING-975]