4.14. FlatData Language Binding

This section is organized as follows:

4.14.1. Overview

RTI Connext DDS Micro supports the FlatDataTM language binding in the same manner as RTI Connext DDS. However, Connext DDS Micro only supports the FlatData language binding for traditional C++ APIs, whereas RTI Connext DDS also supports it for the Modern C++ API. The FlatData language binding is not supported for the C language binding.

4.14.2. Getting Started

The best way to start is to generate an example by creating an example IDL file HelloWorld.idl containing the following IDL type:

struct HelloWorld
   long a;

Next, run:

rtiddsgen -example -micro -language C++ HelloWorld.idl

4.14.3. Further Information

For more details about this feature, please see the FlatData Language Binding section in the RTI Connext DDS Core Libraries User’s Manual (available here if you have Internet access).

For details on how to build and read a FlatData sample, see FlatData.