RTI University Program

RTI offers RTI Data Distribution Service free-of-charge for University research and classroom use. To request a license, download RTI Data Distribution Service and select "University" under License Type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eligible?

No-charge University Program licenses are for educational institutions with non-profit status. These licenses are granted on a per-project basis, for use in non-commercialized research and in classroom teaching. Qualifying projects should have no or minimal commercial funding.

What Do I Get?

If you are accepted into the program, you will receive long-term licenses for use of RTI Data Distribution Service and other RTI software products. Licenses are typically granted for one year, renewable annually to users who continue to meet the program qualifications.

Be Part of the DDS Community!

There are a number of ways to get more involved with RTI and the DDS community:

Publish and Promote Your Work

Enter a description of your project and a link to your own web page here. Your project will automatically appear in the Research Project Index in this portal.

Enter a brief description and links to any relevant papers and publications you might have authored here (for papers) and here (for presentations). Your work will automatically appear in the corresponding Papers and Presentations sections of the portal.

Help Us Build the DDS Community

If you use free-of-charge research licenses of RTI products, we would appreciate you linking to RTI from your web page, mentioning our products in your published papers, and providing us names of people or projects at companies that may be interested.

Come Work With Us

Send us your students' resumes! We are always looking for great engineers. We are also in contact with many other companies and researchers.

Additionally, we can and do fund research at universities. Most often, the university acts as a subcontractor on an SBIR, STTR, or other government research program. If you have a proposal you'd like to partner with us on or technology you think can be commercialized, let us know.

Why does RTI Do This?

RTI is a spin-off of Stanford University and our roots are still deep in the academic community. We understand the value fresh perspectives and dedicated research can bring to the marketplace. The RTI University Program is one way we support and promote innovation in complex, real-time programming technologies.

RTI also benefits directly because university-sponsored projects provide us an excellent source for feedback on ease-of-use, practical utility, and new features. Additionally, we ask our University Program sites to help us generate application notes, programming examples, and test cases for use on our web site, in articles, and at conferences. People understand the difference between empty promotion and valuable insight; practical solutions based on applied research give us both a chance to show off our efforts.

Contact Us

For additional questions about the RTI University Program, please contact us at university@rti.com.

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