Integration effort and risk grow dramatically with system and team size. Connecting large systems developed by independent teams at different times requires connecting multiple systems, thus creating a system of systems. Enterprise systems use a design called Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to effect this integration. However, the technologies used in the enterprise do not apply well to real-time systems; they cannot handle the strict delivery and timing requirements. So what IS Real-Time SOA?

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The growing popularity of cheap and widespread data collection “edge” devices and the easy access to communication networks (both wired and wireless) is weaving in more devices and systems into the fabric of our daily lives. As computation and storage costs continue to drop faster than network costs, the trend is to move data and computation locally, using data distribution technology to move data between the nodes as and when needed. As a result, the quantity of data, the scale of its distribution and the complexity integration is growing at a rapid pace.

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