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Enterprises increasingly need to develop distributed systems in an agile manner, with minimal perturbation to end users and at lower costs. This paper discusses architectural design options and principles to address integration challenges. It includes a comprehensive table for evaluating relevant technologies.

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Reliable one-to-many communication is frequently prone to two serious problems in particular: (1) how to prevent a slow consumer from holding up the rest of the system, and (2) how to prevent massive amounts of negative acknowledgement (NACK) traffic from swamping the network. These problems are related to one another: both deal with the way in which a communications stack (network protocols combined with a middleware on top of them) maintains reliability across a logical network topology with broad fan-out.

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Brief Introduction to the Data Distribution Service

A 4-minute introduction to RTI Data Distribution Service, including a brief demonstration using the RTI Shapes Demo, downloadable fromĀ http://www.rti.com/downloads.

About RTI Data Distribution Service:

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