At the University of Vigo's telecommunications engineering school, students learn the mathematical and physical principles that are necessary to understand telecommunication systems. We also teach them different programming languages, design tools, or in general, how to use computer based and electronic tools to build these communication systems.

In the final year of undergraduate studies, in the subject "Embedded Systems Design", we ask students to design and build a small autonomous vehicle (a quadcopter or a robocar). To do this, they must first create an "autopilot" to manage the information from the sensors, distribute it to the various information processing and decision making systems and finally apply the control commands.

The students build a distributed system in which they use RTI Connext DDS to exchange information between the different blocks of software.

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Issue with rticonnextdds-connector: Python only able to write 296 times


I’m relatively new to the whole DDS world so I’m hoping someone more experienced will know this off the top of their head. I mostly work in python on various data science topics. Recently there has been need for one of our pyrton scripts to communicate via DDS with embedded hardware.

Therefore the python library provided as part of the rticonnextdds-connector package looks quite appealing.

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Application Crash with large scale data. Error:DDS.Retcode_OutOfResources- virtual sample not found

I have CAD application where i am tring to publish and subcribe from one CAD machine to other CAD machine. I can able to publish and subscribe the data but when i work with same application for a day , there was only one instance where I saw the CAD got crashed.I can see following exception been created

7-22-2019 21:46:44.529 DDS.Retcode_OutOfResources:

 [1563850004.528993] U0000000000000e20


Control Communications with DDS using IEC61499 Service Interface Function Blocks

The IEC61499 is an open standard for distributed control and automation. The interface between control software and hardware or communications is achieved by means of the so-called Service Interface Function Blocks (SIFB).

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We are back in Munich!
The Connext Con is coming back to Munich! Plus, I will be joining the RTI crew at the conference for the second consecutive year.

Using DDS in UAV Control Stations

Describes the devekopment of UAV Control Station by Raytheon:

  • The control stations provide command and control of an unmanned air vehicle (UAV)
  • A common control station controls more than one type of UAV
  • A control station is made up of a set of service
  • Services defined by the Unmanned Systems (UxS) Control Segment (UCS) Architecture standard. Some common to all vehicles and some unique to a single vehicle

UAV Control Systems belong to a class of systems that require:

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Late-Subscribers not receiving DDS Messages LabVIEW


My project involves using RTI DDS (v2.2.0) in multiple different LabVIEW applications, some of which are running on the same PC and some of which are running on other PCs or RTs.  My goal is to have each application keep a record of all applications that are currently communicating on the same DDS Domain.

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Presentations from the Silicon Valley Connext Conference 2018


Hi everyone!

Future Proof IoT: Composable Semantics, Security, QoS and Reliability

IETF impressively defined internet interoperation across 30 years of unforeseeable syntax API. IOT needs similar future proof, but for connected things' composable semantics, security, reliability and Quality of Service (QoS). This paper overviews these with simplifying tradeoffs from a bottom up approach using Data Distribution Service (DDS). Then high level semantic additions to DDS are suggested for semantics that are backward compatible, while maintaining the security, reliability and QoS of DDS.

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Distributed Simulation Using DDS and Cloud Computing

NASA Langley Research Center identified a need for a distributed simulation architecture that enables collaboration of live, virtual, and constructive nodes across its local area network with extensibility to other NASA Centers and external partners. One architecture that was prototyped and evaluated employed Data Distribution Service (DDS) middleware and the GovCloud cloud computing service. The nodes used DDS to exchange data.

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