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Is There a Benchmarking Tool That Tests the Performance of Multiple DDS Products As Well As RTI

Hi there,

I am a current PhD student working on "Experimental and Model-based Evaluation of DDS Performance and Security". As part of my research I am looking for a benchmarking tool that would allow me to performance test multiple DDS products such as Vortex OpenSplice and OpenDDS. I have experience performance testing using RTI's PerfTest application and would like to compare the results with other DDS products.

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rti_dds license


I checked in windows10. ( rti_license.dat)

How to apply rti_license on VxWorks??



version : VxWorks 7

Using IDE : Wind River Workbench 4.6.3



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Does RTI Connext DDS support Hololens 1or2 development?


I want to know if RTI DDS support any form of development for Microsoft AR goggles Hololens 1 or Hololens 2?

Is it possible that I can build the application with Unity in C#, and is able to deploy into Hololens?

My goal is to use AR goggle as a platform to run subscriber to catch the information from computer, through the wireless connection ability of Hololens. But the internet gives no such result for this question.

If there are indeed some methods to achievement this, do I need a license? Do I need to use another dedicated library?



How to remotely monitor systems with time series and DDS

This webinar will introduce a way for an open-source time series database, InfluxDB, to be used in IIoT system monitoring.
It will highlight a new architecture that meets the software framework requirements by combining the capabilities of the Data Distribution Service (DDS), a standard from Object Management Group (OMG) for real-time data exchange with InfluxDB.

Conference or Venue:
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Crashing out the box with matrix struct in IDL


I am attempting to send images across DDS, to do so I'd like to make a struct comprising of just a matrix. In the IDL I'm doing

    struct imgType{
        unsigned long imgMat[1224][1025];

Making DDS Really Real-Time with OpenFlow

An increasing amount of distributed real-time systems and other critical infrastructure now rely on Data Distribution Service (DDS) middleware for timely dissementation of data between system nodes. While DDS has been designed specifically for use in distributed real-time systems and exposes a number of QoS properties to programmers, DDS fails to lift time fully into the programming abstraction. The reason for this is simple: DDS cannot directly control the underlying network to ensure that messages always arrive to their destination on time.

Publication Year: 

Multi-Level Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) Using the Data Distribution Services (DDS) for Synchronized Three-Phase Measurement Data Transfer

This paper presents the design and implementation of a Multi-level Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) protocol based on a real-time communication platform utilizing Data Distribution Service (DDS) middleware for data transfer of synchronous three phase measurement data. To transfer ultra-high three phase measurement samples, the DDS open-source protocol is exploited to shape the network’s data traffic according to specific Quality of Service (QoS) profiles, leading to low packet loss and low latency by synchronizing and prioritizing the data in the network.

Publication Year: 
Conference or Venue:

At the University of Vigo's telecommunications engineering school, students learn the mathematical and physical principles that are necessary to understand telecommunication systems. We also teach them different programming languages, design tools, or in general, how to use computer based and electronic tools to build these communication systems.

In the final year of undergraduate studies, in the subject "Embedded Systems Design", we ask students to design and build a small autonomous vehicle (a quadcopter or a robocar). To do this, they must first create an "autopilot" to manage the information from the sensors, distribute it to the various information processing and decision making systems and finally apply the control commands.

The students build a distributed system in which they use RTI Connext DDS to exchange information between the different blocks of software.

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Issue with rticonnextdds-connector: Python only able to write 296 times


I’m relatively new to the whole DDS world so I’m hoping someone more experienced will know this off the top of their head. I mostly work in python on various data science topics. Recently there has been need for one of our pyrton scripts to communicate via DDS with embedded hardware.

Therefore the python library provided as part of the rticonnextdds-connector package looks quite appealing.

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Application Crash with large scale data. Error:DDS.Retcode_OutOfResources- virtual sample not found

I have CAD application where i am tring to publish and subcribe from one CAD machine to other CAD machine. I can able to publish and subscribe the data but when i work with same application for a day , there was only one instance where I saw the CAD got crashed.I can see following exception been created

7-22-2019 21:46:44.529 DDS.Retcode_OutOfResources:

 [1563850004.528993] U0000000000000e20

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