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RTI does not display any domain topic

Dear everyone,

Recently, I've tried to use RTI DDS to visualize the domain topic in the "RTI Administration Console". However, the console doesn't display any topic when the program is running:

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rti_dds license


I checked in windows10. ( rti_license.dat)

How to apply rti_license on VxWorks??



version : VxWorks 7

Using IDE : Wind River Workbench 4.6.3



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DDS Target Library for VS2015


First of all, I am sorry if this question was asked before. I am using the RTI Connext Launcher version 5.2.0 and I am looking for x64VS2015.rtipkg file in order to use the target library for Visiual Studio 2015 but I could not find the library for 5.2.0 version. Can you please provide a link or file for me to use VS2015 in 5.2.0 version? 

Thank you very much in advance.


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Recording other vendors' data


I want to know whether it is possible to record other vendors' (e.g OpenSplice ...) data with recording service or not. I have tried to do that but got the following error :

"Failed to get valid typecode information for Publisher of Topic 'SampleStatus'. Recorder will NOT be able to record type 'DDSPackets::Main::IDL_Status::payload' in deserialized mode".

Thanks in advance for your help.



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I recently downloaded RTI for the purpose of using it along with software called PSCAD. The issues am having is how to make a link or connections between these two software in order to have them both link to the network NS2. These issues can be summarized as following:

RTI Connext DDS featured at National Instruments NIWeek 2013 Keynote

RTI Connext DDS used by LocalGrid to distribute LabVIEW to improve the efficiency of electricity distribution for Toronto Hydro. The largest municipal electricity distribution company in Canada.


Remote Procedure Call over DDS (Draft spec, 4th revised submission)

RTI's draft submission to the RPC Over DDS specification. The submission defines a Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) framework using the basic building blocks of DDS, such as topics, types, and entities (e.g., datareader, datawriter) to provide request/reply semantics. It defines distributed services, characterized by a service interface, which serves as a shareable contract between service provider and a service consumer. It supports synchronous and asynchronous method invocation.


Conference or Venue:

The Robot Application Programming Interface Delegate (RAPID) is a set of software data structures and routines that simplify the process of communicating between multiple diverse robots and their command and control systems. RAPID is not intended to be an all-encompassing API for robot communication, but rather it’s a compatibility layer that permits tools and robotic assets to exchange data and information and allows operators to communicate with heterogeneous robots in a uniform way. RAPID is a compatibility layer that delegates information between robots that speak different languages.

The RAPID specification includes definitions and APIs for messages and services that support supervisory telerobotics operations over near-Earth time delay. RAPID is not a middleware specification, although safety and time-delay capabilities do imply requirements on implementing middleware systems. As currently implemented, the RAPID system can be considered a software reference implementation for remote operations.

For more information, contact David.S.Mittman@jpl.nasa.gov.


 Real-Time availability of information is of most importance in large scale distributed interactive simulation in network-centric communication. Information generated from multiple federates must be distributed and made available to interested parties and providing the required QoS for consistent communication. The remainder of this Project discusses design alternative for realizing high performance distributed interactive simulation (DIS) application using the OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS), which is a QoS enabled publish/subscribe platform standard for time-critical, data-centric and large scale distributed networks. The considered application, in the civil domain, is used for remote education in driving schools. An experimental design evaluates the bandwidth and the latency performance of DDS and a comparison with the High Level Architecture performance is given

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