Recording service

Recording other vendors' data


I want to know whether it is possible to record other vendors' (e.g OpenSplice ...) data with recording service or not. I have tried to do that but got the following error :

"Failed to get valid typecode information for Publisher of Topic 'SampleStatus'. Recorder will NOT be able to record type 'DDSPackets::Main::IDL_Status::payload' in deserialized mode".

Thanks in advance for your help.




sqlite GUI Tool for Linux

We use the RTI Recording Service to record data, does anyone know of any good linux sqlite GUI tool to view the recorded data?    We use a tool called “sqlite-manager” but it doesn’t work well (failed to load/refresh) when the data file is constantly being added by the recording service.   

QoS profiles and recording service configuration

Hi all,

The recording service configuration file may contain the description of QoSs for its data readers. Is there a way to refer to the QoS profiles defined in a USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml file instead of recopying the entire description of the QoSs? In other words: how to describe in the configuration file the QoS profile that is expected to be used for each datareader?

Thanks in advance.

RTI Recordering Service crashing


While trying to use the RTI Recorder it crashed right after starting it. In the config file for the recorder we specified that it should use our QOS to create the recorder's participant, and removing this (thus making the recorder use the default RTI QOS) stopped it from crashing, however now it can't record our data which is using a different QOS. After some trial and error we reached the problemetic definition in our QOS which was causing the crash:



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