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Problems with loading xml file for QOS

I am new to RTI DDS and I am having issues with the xml file defined in the NDDS_QOS_PROFILES environment variable. I have defined this environment variable to point to my xml file. However when I run my application and try to do the following, my participaint doesn't get created.

(using c++11)

In my application, I have read in the environment variable and outputted this in my log to verify there were no issues with that.

I have also invalidated the <dds> tag in my xml file, but haven't seen any error message.

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C# Connector connection error

Hello everyone,

I have an XML configuration file where I define my own data type.
I created a Publisher using the standard RTI C # API and Publisher can successfully send data through this file. But when I try to subscribe to this data using C# Connector, I get this error in command line:


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Can't reference an xml into the xml used by recording service



I generated my xml files from my idl's and stored them in a folder called xml. This folder lives in the same directory as my MY_RECORDING_SERVICE.xml. It looks like this








Inside my MY_RECORDING_SERVICE.xml I'm including these xml generated as follow: 


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XML loaded

Is there a programmatic method of verifying the XML file was loaded.

For our test verification we have to simulate various possible failures.
One of the possible failures is a missing xml file. In software we need
a method to check if an XML file was loaded or if defaults values are being used.

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