create typecode from xml error processing tag "include"

I am trying to use the .NET create_tc_from_xml_file class to generate type codes from XML and I receive the following error in the console: 

RTIXMLParser_onStartTag:Parse error at line 3: Error processing tag 'include'
RTIXMLParser_parseFromFile:Parse error in file 'C:\XMLDataStruct\thisModule.xml'
DDS_XMLTypeCodeParser_parse_from_file:Error parsing XML
DDS_TypeCodeFactory_create_tc_from_xml_file:!error parsing types file

The XML files were generated from IDL using rtiddsgen, and the includes are at the top of the XML:

USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml not found


I can only use my custom USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml file if the environment variable NDDS_QOS_PROFILES is set.  If I place the USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml in the same diretory and my executable and launch the executable in that same directory, then the USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml is not read.

I'm using RHEL7 on an x64 platform.  I"m using the RTI v5.3.1 whih I just downloaded last week.

Why is this not working? I did not find any other situations similar to mine.


DynamicData to JSON/XML w/ Modern C++ API


I'd like to serialize a DynamicData sample to JSON/XML using the Modern C++ APIs.

I realize there are internal APIs:  DDS_DynamicDataFormatter_to_xml and DDS_DynamicDataFormatter_to_json.  But, these APIs seem to take DDS_DynamicData types as arguments.  Is there an equivalent API for the Modern C++ DynamicData type ?  Thanks!

Python (Connector) Subscriber - Subscribe to Java Example


I have been working with the hello_idl example in the rti_workspace->examples->connext_dds->java.

I want to write a subscriber in Python that can listen to the java publisher. But so far I haven't gotten it to work. What do I need to change in the .xml to be able to listen to the java publisher.


more than one qos_profile in qos_library

This question refer to the lua prototyper examle file USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml

Say that I add one more qos_profile called name="SecondProfile".

What modifications is needed in the domain_library and/or participant_library sections

to use that qos_profile instead of the original qos_profile name="DefaultProfile"


Converting XML to Code


Hi everybody,

I want to know the equivalent code of below xml in Modern C++ RTI V 5.2.0. 


Loading user XML QoS Profiles in C++

Hey guys,

I'm not able to get XML QoS files to load in modern C++.  We are using version 5.2.3.  These work perfectly fine while using the C# APIs.  In trying to find a workaround, I found that the XML also will not load if I put it in either $NDDSHOME/resource/xml/NDDS_QOS_PROFILES.xml or <working directory>/USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml.  I'm just using the sample code in the user manual almost verbatim.


TypeCode creation from XML

Is there any available function to create a TypeCode from a XML definition (in C++)?
Preferably without creating any other DDS entities (I do not want a Reader/Writer involved at this point).

I whould like to be able to do something like this, where HelloWorld.xml is the generated XML output of rtiddsgen -convertToXml:

   DDS::TypeCode* tc = XMLtoTypeCode( "HelloWorld.xml" );

setting participant factory resource limits by xml

I'm using RTI DDS 5.2. The only domain participant factory qos I seem able to set by XML file is the EntityFactoryQoSPolicy (auto enable created entities).
Does anyone know a way to set the SystemResourceLimitsQoSpolicy (max objects per thread) by xml file?


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