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Compilation failure with Java classes generated by rtiddsgen


I'm using rtiddsgen (from the 6.0.0 distribution) to generate Java classes from an IDL file.

rtiddsgen -d output -inputidl ida.idl -language Java -package -ppDisable -update typefiles

The Java classes are generated successfully, but some of them cannot be compiled. The errors reported by the Java compiler mainly have to do with converting to either a Sequence or a List. Here are a couple of examples:

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Can't reference an xml into the xml used by recording service



I generated my xml files from my idl's and stored them in a folder called xml. This folder lives in the same directory as my MY_RECORDING_SERVICE.xml. It looks like this








Inside my MY_RECORDING_SERVICE.xml I'm including these xml generated as follow: 


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IDL converts sequence<> to struct?



I have a question of using sequence. I added in seqence in IDL, for example below:

struct myTestSequence_T {

double myFirstVar; //@key

seqence<long,10> mySeqLong;


After convertion to C using rtiddsgen, the sequence was translated to struct. See below. 

typedef struct myTestSequence_T{

CDR_double myFirstVar;

struct CDR_LongSeq seqLong;

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Redefinition error of TSeq

I have an IDL included all the topics, typedef and enum. When I compile, it gave error: redefinition of 'struct IdentifierType_TSeq'. It appears that there are multiple #define TSeq IdentifierType_TSeq in the .h file.

I suspect is may be wrong in the way I constructed the IDL. Can you give me some advices? Attached is the IDL.



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rtiddsgen Bitfield Question


I'm new to DDS and I was looking through the rtiddsgen release notes and found that bitfields are no longer supported.

I have several messages I'm interested in creating IDL files for that have a format similar to:

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Translation for IDL types problem


I have two questions:

1- Is it possible to stop translation for enum types in rtiddsgen? I mean something like "@resolve-name off" but for the whole enum. 

2- Does "rti recording service" have any problems with the types in IDL file indicated with "@resolve-name off" directive?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Nested IDL

I would like to be able to re-use types in multiple IDL files and use rtiddsgen. For example

File header.idl

struct header {...}

File message1.idl

#include "header.idl"

struct message1 { header h; ...}

File message2.idl

#include "header.idl"

struct message2 {header h; ...}

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ANN: IDL to C++11 language mapping for RTI Connext DDS

As part AXCIOMA Remedy IT is providing an IDL to C++11 language mapping for RTI Connext DDS. This language mapping provides the API and type system as defined by the OMG IDL to C++11 language mapping.

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Multiple Java class generated for const in IDL

I am trying to generate Java sources from VideoData.idl , from the Streaming Video demo.  The Java sources got generated, but each const result in an individual Java class:

Java source generated

This is te content of one of the generated Java class source file 

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IDL for Cluster Names

LabVIEW 2012; LabVIEW Integration; Windows 7 AGM

I have tested native DDS publishers and suscribers integrated with LabVIEW Cluster Reader/Writers and they work great!

For nested clusters, however, I am running into an issue when subscribing to a non-LabVIEW publisher.

Using RTI Analyzer while both the Native Publsiher and LabVIEW subscriber are running, I can verify that "Type" is added to LabVIEW types differentiate between the type and the member in the LabVIEW structures, as in this mini example

** Native DDS IDL:

struct UH60M_Pilot

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