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Can we dynamically create and free data writer?


Currently, all data writers are created before use and that consumes memory. Some topics (and thus data writers) are events that only be invoked under certain scenarios, and can be created when necessary and release after used.

Is there a way to support dynamic creation and release of data writers, just like malloc() and free() ?


_udp and lwip for DDS Micro


I have developed a simple DDS Micro application. One installed in my labtop running Windows, another into my ARM STM32F469 micro-controller. For the laptop, the transport uses the built-in _udp and the embedded used the lwip. Both were tested using the Admin Console. Here are some observations.


Why no discovery message from Micro?


I can't get my DDS Micro project to interoperate with my client's DDS Connext. Below are some information, and hope somebody can help me please. My project deadline is approaching.


IDL converts sequence<> to struct?



I have a question of using sequence. I added in seqence in IDL, for example below:

struct myTestSequence_T {

double myFirstVar; //@key

seqence<long,10> mySeqLong;


After convertion to C using rtiddsgen, the sequence was translated to struct. See below. 

typedef struct myTestSequence_T{

CDR_double myFirstVar;

struct CDR_LongSeq seqLong;

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