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File metadata and Recording Service


We've been prototyping with the RTI Recording Service for a bit with two different plugins and it seems to work well overall but it does seem like we could need some help.

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Problem recording and subscirbing to large data topic on Admin Console

Hi everyone, started exploring DDS RTI this month and currently have some issues as below. I am trying to subscribe and record image files (resolution of 640 by 480) from a publisher through the DDS Admin Console and Recording Service, however it is not working. Does anyone have experience or advice on how I can get this to work? I understand that it is due to the fact that UDP packets only supports up to 64k, below are some info of my current settings, is there anything thaat I am missing? Thank you

Below is my current IDL:

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Problem with recording of large data packets (~8MB) from DDS Micro


we have a problem while recording large data packets (~8MB) with the DDS recording service.

Our goal is to capture some sensor outputs (gps, radar, camera,...) to later make an offline stimulation of our DDS Micro 3.0.0 nodes with the DDS replayer service.

Therefore we have some gateway (DDS Micro), that is converting the raw senormassages from ROS format to DDS format and then this raw DDS data packets we want to record.

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RTI Recording service problems


I'm trying to get RTI Recording service running but have some problems.

CASE 1: Following setup works:

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