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VxWorks HelloWorld Example Undefined Symbols

I'm trying to set up a HelloWorld subscriber on a VxWorks 7 system but I am getting a number of undefined symbols.

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rticonnextdds-connector - Platform support


We would like to use the rticonnextdds-connector because we have a Python program which we want to communicate with others DDS modules. However, our platform is not supported. It is armv7-qnx6.5.0.

Would it be possible a new port? If not, we think to use https://github.com/forrestv/pyDDS but its API is poor and we want to use the dynamic data, for that, the RTI Connector seems much better solution.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


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Cannot Create DomainParticipant on VxWorks Simulator Target

I am attempting to create a Connext 5.1.0 application for vxWorks 6.9 on a vxsim (vxWorks simulator) target. The simulator runs on a win7 host with the RTI pentiumVx6.9gcc4.3.3 target libraries. I created a HelloWorld app per the Getting Started Embedded Systems Addendum.

On subscriber (or publisher) startup, the following message is displayed after calling DDSDomainParticipantFactory::get_instance():

RTIOsapi_getFirstValidInterface:OS ioctl(SIOCGIFCONF)() failure, error 0X6: S_errno_ENXIO

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