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Micro DDS with interface name change


we have a board with micro DDS and it worked fine with interface 'fec0' ( Later we ported same software to a different board. The new board has a vlan ('vlan10', Now it didn't work anymore. 

I did change allowed interface list during registration,

  rti_me::RtRegistry* reg = dds_factory_.createRtRegistry(
                    .allowInterface(util::Span<const util::StaticString<255>>{kAllowedInterfaces})


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Communication between Windows DDS Micro and Embedded Board

Hi all,

It will be really great if someone could answer my questions, because I have been trying to get the communication working successfully between my Windows PC and Embedded Board using Connext DDS Micro 3.0.0.

Any kind of help will be more than appreciated to get the communication working between my Embedded Board(Publisher) and my Windows PC(Subscriber) for HelloWorld_dpde example in C.

I am using Connext DDS Micro 3.0.0 and trying to communicate between Windows 7 machine and an ARM based Real Time Architecture microcontroller board with FreeRTOS and lwIP.

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VxWorks HelloWorld Example Undefined Symbols

I'm trying to set up a HelloWorld subscriber on a VxWorks 7 system but I am getting a number of undefined symbols.

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rticonnextdds-connector - Platform support


We would like to use the rticonnextdds-connector because we have a Python program which we want to communicate with others DDS modules. However, our platform is not supported. It is armv7-qnx6.5.0.

Would it be possible a new port? If not, we think to use https://github.com/forrestv/pyDDS but its API is poor and we want to use the dynamic data, for that, the RTI Connector seems much better solution.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


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Cannot Create DomainParticipant on VxWorks Simulator Target

I am attempting to create a Connext 5.1.0 application for vxWorks 6.9 on a vxsim (vxWorks simulator) target. The simulator runs on a win7 host with the RTI pentiumVx6.9gcc4.3.3 target libraries. I created a HelloWorld app per the Getting Started Embedded Systems Addendum.

On subscriber (or publisher) startup, the following message is displayed after calling DDSDomainParticipantFactory::get_instance():

RTIOsapi_getFirstValidInterface:OS ioctl(SIOCGIFCONF)() failure, error 0X6: S_errno_ENXIO

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