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Communication between Windows DDS Micro and Embedded Board

Hi all,

It will be really great if someone could answer my questions, because I have been trying to get the communication working successfully between my Windows PC and Embedded Board using Connext DDS Micro 3.0.0.

Any kind of help will be more than appreciated to get the communication working between my Embedded Board(Publisher) and my Windows PC(Subscriber) for HelloWorld_dpde example in C.

I am using Connext DDS Micro 3.0.0 and trying to communicate between Windows 7 machine and an ARM based Real Time Architecture microcontroller board with FreeRTOS and lwIP.

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Obtain IDL for a registered DDS_TypeCode

Is there an API what will give me the IDL-equivalent for a DDS_TypeCode that has been previously registered?  Since the Admin Console can display IDL information, I assume this is possible but haven't been able to find appropriate function.



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