Queries on Messaging over internet with different network

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Queries on Messaging over internet with different network

I am new to DDS and i just tried the below link examples, i am able to publish and subscribe the message within the local network.


I wanted to try exchange messaging over the internet, is there any example code like the above? specific to internet messaging pub/sub?

kindly share the link if any.






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Hi Gopal,

What is your internet connection like between the hosts that you want to communicate?  Are there firewalls?  Is this the public internet?  Are the hosts behind NAT routers?  Is your service provided via a cable model or other physical landline or is it through LTE/4G?  Are you running a VPN between the hosts?

Running a DDS connection over the internet is possible (and is done by lots of systems), but it's usually not the first thing that you try after running helloworld.  I would suggest that you first use the local network to learn as much about DDS as you can to make a decision to use it.  Then after you decide that you are going to use DDS, explore the configuration options needed to connect over the internet.

Depending on your network setup, you many need to use the TCP transport instead of the default UDP.

In any case, you can read about what it takes to run over a wide area network in the users manual here: