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Queries on Messaging over internet with different network

I am new to DDS and i just tried the below link examples, i am able to publish and subscribe the message within the local network.

I wanted to try exchange messaging over the internet, is there any example code like the above? specific to internet messaging pub/sub?

kindly share the link if any.







Future Proof IoT: Composable Semantics, Security, QoS and Reliability

IETF impressively defined internet interoperation across 30 years of unforeseeable syntax API. IOT needs similar future proof, but for connected things' composable semantics, security, reliability and Quality of Service (QoS). This paper overviews these with simplifying tradeoffs from a bottom up approach using Data Distribution Service (DDS). Then high level semantic additions to DDS are suggested for semantics that are backward compatible, while maintaining the security, reliability and QoS of DDS.

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Reactive Stream Processing for Data-centric Publish/Subscribe

The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm has given rise to a new class of applications wherein complex data analytics must be performed in real-time on large volumes of fast-moving, heterogeneous sensor-generated data. Such data streams are often unbounded and must be processed in a distributed and parallel manner to ensure timely processing and delivery to interested subscribers.

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Why is DDS the Right Technology for the Industrial Internet?

RTI Keynote presentation at the 2014 OMG meeting in Boston. 
Background on the Industrial Internet and Internet of Things and how DDS, specifically RTI Connext DDS is being deployed in Industrial Internet applications

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