Shweta Khare

Reactive Stream Processing for Data-centric Publish/Subscribe

The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm has given rise to a new class of applications wherein complex data analytics must be performed in real-time on large volumes of fast-moving, heterogeneous sensor-generated data. Such data streams are often unbounded and must be processed in a distributed and parallel manner to ensure timely processing and delivery to interested subscribers.

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Scalable Reactive Stream Processing Using DDS and Rx

Event-driven design is fundamental to developing resilient, responsive, and scalable reactive systems as it supports asynchrony and loose coupling. The OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) is a proven event-driven technology for building data-centric reactive systems because it provides the primitives for decoupling system components with respect to time, space, quality-of-service, and behavior. DDS, by design, supports distribution scalability. However, with increasing core count in CPUs, building multicore-scalable reactive systems remains a challenge.

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