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Novel Design of Collaborative Automation Platform Using Real-Time Data Distribution Service Middleware for An Optimum Process Control Environment

Refining and petrochemical processing facilities utilize various process control applications to raise productivity and enhance plant operation. Client–server communication model is used for integrating these highly interacting applications across multiple network layers utilized in distributed control systems.

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what are the latest development with SOA with RTI DDS?

what are the latest development with respect to use RTI DDS to support Real-time SOA and web services?

thank you

Sending Matrix Data

Dear All,

I'm really new to this RTI Connext DDS tools. I've installed the RTI Connext, I've succeed to run the example, but what I need is this case:
Publisher has Matrix data an array 1D of float, and Publisher want to divide and send this matrix to several Subscribers with some QoS, and each Subscriber will process his part of the matrix. 

I was expecting this publishing and subscribing data will be simple. But when I tried to look at the example, for me it's complicated.

I hope anyone in this forum could help me.

Thank you,



Research Topic

What are the future work on DDS Software architecture? and what are the best research topic on DDS implementation??

Information Centric Networking


I am trying to implement Information centeric networking using DDS.

any suggestions !!


Discovery protocol in DDS


I am going to do my master thesis in simple discovery protocol (SDP) to reduce the required overhead and improve its scalability. The current discovery protocol (SDP) uses flooding multicast storm in the network since that every Participant should sent to all other peers in GDS information about all the Endpoints that under that Participant. I want to propose to use a structured DHT overlay as an infrastructure for discovery protocol so it is going to replace the flooding method with sort of structured tree-based network using one of DHT algorithms.

Medical Devices Integration using DDS


I am Bilal Saeed MS student taking Heterogenous Computing COE 504 course with Dr. Basem Al Madni at KFUPM, Saudia Arabia. For the course project I'm supposed to integrate medical devices using DDS. I have found only a few papers related to integration of medical devices, but none of them talks about DDS. It would highly be appreciated if I could get some resources like what work that has been done and what's being done.



Bilal Saeed.

Cryptography in DDS

Good Morning,

I am having a course project this semester for the title "cryptography in DDS". I have a good knowladge of the cryptography system, however, I can't figure out how to proceed with DDS. By the way I am new to DDS and anyother real-time middleware architecture. I would like to implement my project using java. Please give me indications so that I can narrow my focus and contribute a vital work. (what to read and how to proceed throughout the implementation).



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