Medical Devices Integration using DDS

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Medical Devices Integration using DDS


I am Bilal Saeed MS student taking Heterogenous Computing COE 504 course with Dr. Basem Al Madni at KFUPM, Saudia Arabia. For the course project I'm supposed to integrate medical devices using DDS. I have found only a few papers related to integration of medical devices, but none of them talks about DDS. It would highly be appreciated if I could get some resources like what work that has been done and what's being done.



Bilal Saeed.

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Hello Bilal,

You may want to look at this community:

This includes the Center for the Integration of Medicine and Information Technology that is working on device interoperability and closed-loop psysiological controls.  This work leverages RTI DDS.  You can join here:

In addition, here is some information on RTI customers who are working on medical devices and instrumentation:

Thank you,